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Diana Wilhold

Posted By: Jason Vander Weele meta_seperate Date Posted: April 4th, 2011 meta_seperate Category:


Youth who first meet Diana are greeted with a smile and “Hello!” followed by questions that get at the heart of what that child believes, wants, or thinks. Many children who are greeted by Diana at first seem disconcert with the empowerment she helps conjure up within them, but eventually the youth smile and their confidence shines through.

Diana has championed for youth-related health issues for many years. I sincerely believe that there is nothing that matters more to Diana than health of, safety, and opportunities for youth. Her dedication can be measured in her ongoing involvement in community-based efforts, immense knowledge of what each community group’s priorities are, and her uncanny ability to get things done that so many others believe to be impossible.

Diana is the director of School Outreach and Youth Development for BJC HealthCare.  BJC School Outreach and Youth Development was formed in 1991 to help St. Louis Area school districts address high-risk behaviors that may cause long-term harm of young people.

Comment By: Diana Wilhold meta_seperate Date & Time: April 6, 2011 at 5:04 pm

I was told about the posting and I want to thank the person who wrote such kind I am deeply honored and humbled. Diana